Sports Betting Opportunity

BETDAQ Commercial Manger Alan Casey, analyses where the company’s exchange stands in 2019, and what opportunities lie         ahead for the market at large.

Recent market openings and positive regulatory developments in Europe have made it a key battleground for the industry’s suppliers and operators in 2019.

The level of competition means that products and services need to have clear edge and one of the key advantages of exchanges, with people betting against each other, is that they produce the right market prices.

And the more users betting into the exchange, the greater the accuracy. Thanks to the flat rate 2% on BETDAQ, our prices are the sharpest available. Liquidity is constantly increasing and margins are kept low, thanks to the generous commission structure.

This makes the BETDAQ commercial API feed a key weapon in the arsenal of operators looking to launch a sportsbook. It provides an automated, live depiction of the fastest and most accurate prices that customers are trading on a huge range of events.

While sports bettors initially tend to be more brand focused when choosing who to bet with, as the market matures and they get more experienced, finding value will take on ever increasing importance.

The BETDAQ model offers a safety net that ensures the most correct and competitive prices. It can be built into an operator’s algorithm, allowing a guide to be set and alerts to be received when prices are out of line with the exchange.

This indicator facilitates setting the optimum margins and price movements can be recorded historically for monitoring and learning purposes. Furthermore, the BETDAQ API feed easily facilitates hedging, via a simple integration.

It also offers differentiation. European books supply odds on a huge range of sports and events from around the world, although one sport is harder than others to provide a standout offering on: horse racing.

It is BETDAQ’s number one product in terms of volumes traded and operators would be able to offer UK and Irish racing off the back of our feed – with the Exchange Starting Price (XSP) as close to the true price of a horse as you can get.

Football trading – the key sport for European sports books – is also booming on BETDAQ. Recent figures have been more than encouraging – and there is real substance behind the prices thanks to the growing and broadening liquidity.

It is an exciting time for sports betting and there are huge opportunities available to operators in 2019 that can benefit traders across the continent.

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