Bet Angel is state of the art software designed for use on betting exchanges. Bet Angel sits between you and the exchange and allows you to place orders, faster, more effectively and with much more complexity than the traditional web site interface. It represents your best chance of profiting from all of the exciting opportunities available on betting exchanges.

If you are looking to take your activity on BETDAQ to a higher level then download your FREE version of Betdaq Angel.

Bet Angel is the leading producer of cutting edge betting exchange software. Designed by top exchange experts, it will significantly improve your exchange trading and betting capability whatever your choice of sports market. Whether you are looking for standard one click betting, more advanced trading capabilities or want to place bets from a spreadsheet, Bet Angel will fulfil your objective. Bet Angel's extensive tools and capabilities will take your normal betting activity to extraordinary new levels.

Key Features
  • Grid and Ladder interfaces with full jockey silks
  • One click betting with net market position indicator
  • Advanced and user definable charting tools
  • Trade calculators
  • Triggered betting -
  • The ability to Import data and place bets from spreadsheets
  • Multi market simultaneous betting and trading - Multi screen capability

Betdaq Angel has been developed by Bet Angel Software. For Betdaq Angel support email
*Bet Angel reserve the right to charge for this software in the future.


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