The AAPI is for streaming of Market and Price information only at this stage. No order management features included as of yet.

Main Benefits

Pushes every price update to you rather than having to call to check if there was an update
Reduced overhead on both sides
Ability to get price updates on more markets than on standard api

Who is this for:
  • High volume contributors to the exchange
  • Customers who are already up and running on the Retail API and demonstrated through their implementation a sufficient level of sophistication. ( BETDAQ provides a basic level of Sample APP to help users understand how to parse the messages returned but a lot of the work is on the customer side)
  • www.betdaqb2b.com users only - The AAPI powers the BETDAQ.COM mobile and Push sites currently so to separate these, only customers on betdaqb2b.com can access the AAPI.
  • Customers accounts can be moved to BETDAQB2B.com, also accounts can be provided for AAPI streaming only.


Sample App 

Our sample app can be found at https://github.com/BETDAQ/AAPI

This is specifically for helping customers understand how messages are parsed.

AAPI Limits (Blacklisting Applies for exceeding) 

Market Subscriptions at a time - 10 calls in 10 seconds with a max of 500 per call
Event Hierachy - 2 calls in 10 seconds Max 100 per call
Market Information -  10 calls in 10 seconds - 500 Max