Trading Tools are different versions of software, developed by third party vendors which enable BETDAQ customers to utilize the site in a more professional capacity. Through these Trading Tools BETDAQ, customers can view the exchange data (including pricing and liquidity) in different formats conducive to professional trading. BETDAQ customers can place faster bets, build their own trading bots and customise the interface in a way that suits them.


BQ Bot Manager is a complete bot management system for BETDAQ that allows you to back/lay a vast array of different markets including greyhound racing, horse racing, football and tennis. BQ Bot Manager allows you to load more markets and take total automated control of your betting.

BQ Bot Manager comes complete with three bot systems already loaded:




Key Features

1. Back/Lay (Multiple) Favorite(s) Bot is available with BQ Bot Manager V2 and is our most powerful bot. This bot will automatically place Back or Lay bets on one or more favorites for loaded markets. User is able to set price ranges for Back/Lay bets, Back and Lay overrounds and maximum profit/loss values. The Bot also supports a lay to liability option, time when to place bets and loss pot recovery.

2. Horse Races Trader Bot will take only one minute of your time to start each morning, and it will trade on UK horse races for the whole day! The Bot also has Hedge functionality, so it hedges bets if a trade is not completed within X seconds or if a price changes by X%

3. Dutching Bot will automatically place bets at your target overround on all markets or you can use a dutching calculator and place bets with a single click! It also supports staking plans and overall loss pot recovery

4. Ladder/Grid Control for manual betting on any available market at Betdaq. It is ideal for trading or placing bets quickly after goal is scored or betting on in running horse races

5. Soccer Bot – Draw Betting add on bot is also supported (note: license for this bot is sold separately). This bot can be used only with Soccer “Match Odds” markets. The main idea is to place a Lay bet on the Draw a few minutes before the market goes in-play, and later while the market is in play to place a Back bet when it’s possible to take a profit of X%Ladder Interface

6. Custom Bots – BQ Bot Manager for BETDAQ gives you the opportunity to order custom bots and adjust settings to suit your own requirements.

7. With BQ Bot Manager you can bet on any market, lay multiple selections in the same races or different markets, specify back and lay overrounds, play the place markets and a whole lot more