Trading Tools are different versions of software, developed by third party vendors which enable BETDAQ customers to utilize the site in a more professional capacity. Through these Trading Tools, BETDAQ customers can view the exchange data (including pricing and liquidity) in different formats conducive to professional trading. BETDAQ customers can place faster bets, build their own trading bots and customise the interface in a way that suits them.


Gruss Software is state of the art software designed for use on betting exchanges.

BETDAQ Assistant is an alternative interface to the BETDAQ website, enabling you to place bets in a very efficient manner. What’s more, it is completely FREE to use for BETDAQ.

Technical Requirements
Betdaq Betting Assistant is a desktop application which requires full Windows 10 to run. Unfortunately that means that it won't run on a Mac operating system unless you first install Windows on your Mac which can be done using various methods. Additionally if you’re using an older version of Windows you may need to install the Framework before installing Betdaq Betting Assistant.


Download Gruss here



Key Features

1. FREE – Free Gruss Software on BETDAQ

2. Real time Prices – Continually updated display of prices and potential profit

3. Cash out option to take profit (or minimise loss) with one-click (stakes auto calculated)

Dutching facility on back and lay bets

Ladder Interface showing full depth of market

Tick offset bets with sliding stop loss and Fill or kill

Forum – Betting Assistant is a constantly evolving solution where the developers listen to the users and their needs. Users can communicate directly with the developers, make suggestions and exchange ideas

Triggered betting link into Excel spreadsheets using pre-defined triggers to place bets

Custom grid columns

One-click betting – in standard or ladder type interface